Anyone who’s ever shopped for flowers need not look too far for evidence that the business is completely out of control. Either you end up with a moribund bouquet of mostly baby’s breath at a grocery store or the florist passes the price of his posh uptown condo down to your son’s anemic-looking prom corsage. To those not uncommon circumstances (for those of us who pay attention to flowers when we purchase them), then add the “delivery option.” And let’s face it: no one takes pleasure having online flowers delivered to your love-object. Sure, the price looks like a bargain at first, but after you’ve clicked the mouse a few times and entered your personal information, after you’ve been coerced into “upgrading” and tacked on delivery, the price has doubled.

While to gift an arrangement of mixtips on a Hallmark holiday hasn’t yet culturally caught on (and why is that, again?), at BTmix we can still draw some parallels with another business that’s doing something right. Over at Flower Muse, they’ve transformed how we send flowers, that is, from the potentially alienating experience it can be into special occasion it is. Owed by a married couple who continually turn down venture capitalists’ offers, they run an online business that delivers flowers directly from farms.

There are at least 3 parallels between Flower muse and BTmix in terms of a business model. Not surprisingly, being both a vendor and manufacture of static mixers (motionless mixers, mix nozzles) is not one of one of these parallels.

  1. Flower Muse sought out what customers complained about most when they’d ordered flowers online in the past, and the added-on shipping cost definitely made the list. Likewise, at BTmix we have a concept called “deliverability,” which means that we build and deliver quality parts at competitive prices; that ordering is easy and deliver fast; and that, while our regular deliver is already fast (regular shipments are delivered in 3-5 business days within the U.S.), if you need overnight delivery or fast turnaround for those critical situations, that, too, is something we can make happen.
  2. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a loved one’s birthday, Flower Muse prices stay the same. But since no one’s inquired whether he or she can buy static mixers for the upcoming bar mitzvah, ship a pallet of mixing nozzles for graduation or a quinceanera, not yet anyways, we take a different approach. We match any price, giving you a quality product at the lowest price possible (and to reiterate: delivered quickly and in “one piece”).
  3. Priding themselves on elegantly arranging everything from hydrangeas to what only a wedding planner can pronounce (what’s an “orange eremurus?), Flower Muse let the flowers “speak for themselves,” to quote one of the owners. Similarly, BTmix offers static mixers for sale (or cheap mixer tips, as they’re sometimes called) with “no frills” attached, which is how we can match any price.

Parallels aside, BTmix prides itself on “cutting out the middle man” (like Flower Muse, who circumvented the grocery store and the florist) and getting mix tips and mixing elements directly to you, quick, and for a bargain deal. And while the stakes of the static mixer business aren’t as high as forgetting to order flowers for that special someone, and if the cultural logic of motionless mixers isn’t as grim as toil-worn carnations for a last minute anniversary gift, at least we can appreciate each other’s business models, right?

Check out our new “bellmouth” and “twist lock” static mixers on the product page. Please take a minute, too, to peruse our site  or call now for a free quote (here’s the link where you can contact us for that quote or to purchase static mixers and mixing elements).