If you haven’t heard of plastic, disposable static mixers, maybe you’ve heard of “Small Business Saturday.” It’s a holiday of sorts, but not in the sense that the 4th of July is a holiday. No major historical event took place on that day to punctuate it from other days. Rather, the credit card corporation American Express inaugurated this day in 2010, that is to say, in response to demand from their small business customers to acquire more customers of their own.

Though Small Business Saturday began as a local affair, it has now become popular all across the country. A couple of years ago, in Reno, a local business owner said the following of Small Business Saturday: “When you spend your money locally it stays local and it makes everybody feel like they’re a part of something bigger and if we don’t help each other we’re in big trouble. We need to watch out for one another.”


At BTmix, we feel as though that quote really captures the sentiment behind Small Business Saturday. We also feel it couldn’t hurt to remind you that BTmix is itself a locally run business, and that we’ve worked hard to keep those jobs here in American–where they ought to be.

No matter what the weekday is, stop on by our online store to peruse our great selection of premium quality, disposable static mixers. Support a local business! Take a moment to consider how inline, helical static mixers for a bargain price can… well, maybe not change your life, but at least mix it up!