If you’re looking for a cheaper price on static mixers and thinking about buying them from China to do so, there’s a better option out there. Don’t buy static mixers from China: at BTmix, we’ll match any price. Not only that, we make the troublesome compromises usually associated with ordering commodities from China unnecessary. To think: the idea of quality static mixers arriving to you on time and at the same price as from China!

That “feel good” quality of purchasing American made products notwithstanding, over the imported, Chinese version, American made static mixers have numerous advantages. Here are five good reasons to consider disposable static mixers for sale at BTmix over their foreign counterparts.

  1. Delays in Shipping. Customers frequently suffer delays because they assume they have to, because they need the lower prices. When purchasing from China, one business owner put it this way: “the best practice is always to add at least a week more than the quoted transit time for sea shipments as contingency.” Or similarly: “only about 65% of the vessels [from China] are ‘on time,’ so the transit times quoted by carriers should always be taken with a pinch of salt.”
  2. Poor quality. In terms of static mixers, “poor quality” usually cashes out as a bent or warped “mixtip” (a sort of pet name we have for static mixers in the BTmix family). As the management specialist, Charles Handy, once said: “Obtaining short-term benefits by sacrificing quality leads to a short-life enterprise. Quality is like truth. Nobody and no enterprise can live too long in lies. Indeed, the problem with Chinese enterprises today is quality.”
  3. Damage. “I ordered shoes,” one customer reports, “and was waiting 3 weeks to get them. When I got the box, it was damaged and the left shoe was missing. I don’t know what to do. I lost money £75. I can’t wear one shoe. I paid for two-pair of shoes, and I didn’t get them.” The Chinese tend to have a “go big or go home” mentality, deferring to large scale production over quality control. Mix that mentality with a penchant for cutting corners, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. In business, the Chinese also aren’t known for their ethics. A proverb in China tells of a peddler of fried dough, one who puts others out of business by claiming that he used fresh oil. Unfortunate complications such as damage result from a business ethic that considers itself unaccountable and sacrifices practically anything for low prices.
  4. Wrong Order. That a product does not correspond to its picture or that the item described is not the item he or she ordered, is another frequent complaint of customers buying from China. As a result, one must re-order and waste more time and and money on shipping. A typical account: “I bought an item from a seller in Hong Kong for $6 and $1.50 shipping.  The item was broken so the seller told me to return for refund. The shipping weight is 5 ounces. To ship from the US to Hong Kong with the cheapest USPS service that has delivery confirmation (priority international) it will cost $34.87.  To ship 1st class without tracking it will cost $11.48.”
  5. Inconvenience and Inefficiency. Though 5 recalls or relates back to the other 4, here it repays to specify. To order from China, first of all, there’s the language barrier to think about. The loss of a crucial bit of information in translation is always a possibility, and, if any mishap befalls the order en route, to report an accident to the manufacture might be more trouble than the order’s worth. Before making China your go-to for cheap static mixers, consider having to describe any potential problem to a non-native speaker of English (while crossing your fingers that the problem gets fixed). Not only, then, does the language barrier waste precious time, time itself is also an issue. Business hours in America start at around midnight in China, thus any over the phone is business difficult and email communication is slow and staggered. Then, we can’t forget to include the currency exchange, which always necessitates converting currencies into one another and inconsistencies in price. By the time you heap on the extra cost of shipping insurance and a duty or import tariff, the inconvenience- and inefficiency-factor make for one messy business transaction.

But we might add: a mess easily avoided by doing business with BTmix. Since we match any price, anywhere, and since we both manufacter and distribute static mixers and mixing elements right here in America, the decision ought to be a no-brainer. It’s a win-win, too: the convenience and efficiency of dealing with folks who ship an American made product directly to you; plus, you know you’re getting the best price around.

While you might assume that to buy static mixers from China saves you money in the short run, in effect, you’re paying for more than you have to after we factor all that can (and eventually will) go wrong. So “save” yourself the hassle and do business with us at BTmix: check out our static mixers and mixing elements or call for some free samples of static mixers anytime.