In posts hitherto, recently, we’ve been doing two things. First off, begun was a series on disposable static mixers and art (more soon). Then, also started was a three part series on “what a disposable helical static mixer is,” which has to do with laminar rather than turbulent flow and cashes out in three tip types (stepped, tapered, or slip luer). In this post, to end the three-part series on mixtip’s essential characteristics, gone over will be the difference between a “bell” or “bayonet” connection.

To recall, you apply disposable static mixing nozzles to adhesive cartridges or meter mix machines both to mix and dispense two-part epoxies, silicones, and methyl methacrylates. The mixing process activates the adhesive or material being dispensed and begins the adhesion process–just in time for the now-activated adhesive to be discharged from the tip. But, before that happens, you’ve got to connect the adhesive cartridge to the static mixer, and, at that stage, either the bell or bayonet connection ought to stand out.

  • A Bell mixer attaches to meter mix equipment (or what in normal, everyday parlance simply looks like a “glue gun”) with a retaining nut. In the picture below, that’s the middle piece–that is, between the mixtip and the adhesive cartridge. After you attach the nozzle, the nut slips over the top and screws onto the equipment or gun.


  • A bayonet mixer is a twist and lock connector very common for cartridge of mostly the 50 ml variety. Check out our low cost, high quality mixers for every day 50 ml dispensing.  Here, there’s no retaining nut; and hence, you just attach the mixtip and twist it 45 degrees to lock it onto the adhesive cartridge.


Since you’ve directed your attention to the “butt” of the resin mixer, also take a moment to look inside of the motionless mixing nozzel at the “element” or what’s sometimes called an “auger”–in other words, the spirally looking thing that’s lodged up inside of the tube-like object.

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