BTmix Expands to a Larger Location

Exciting things are happening here at BTmix!  We are proud to announce that due to our growth worldwide, we have moved to a new location.  We will continue to offer the same service and quality products at the very best prices. BTmix is now located at 3515 Airway Drive Suite 210, in Reno, Nevada.  With […] View

LinkedIn Disposable Static Mixer Group Announcement

A LinkedIn group focusing on plastic, disposable, static mixers was established to help further our common knowledge about mixing two part adhesives and to provide a forum for questions and discussions on disposable static mixers. I would appreciate you joining this group, participating in discussions, and providing your expertise and experience in using disposable static […] View

What Mix Nozzle Problems Does BTmix Solve?

If you’re a consumer of disposable static mixers, a run-of-the-mill motionless mixing enthusiast, or just an old mixpac pack rat, the following dialogue has probably effervesed in your mind: Golly gee. The only thing I love more than epoxy resin gun dispensers is, go figure, dispensing epoxy resin out of my epoxy gun. But I sure do wish […] View

Does BTmix actually manufacture in Reno, Nevada?

Unfortunately nowadays, businesses that don’t actually manufacture in America try to turn a profit through deception, by luring their customers into thinking that their products are still “made in America.” What usually happens is businesses who are based in America position themselves as manufacturing in American, too–when they really outsource their production to places like China as […] View

Making Affordable Static Mixers Locally

If you haven’t heard of plastic, disposable static mixers, maybe you’ve heard of “Small Business Saturday.” It’s a holiday of sorts, but not in the sense that the 4th of July is a holiday. No major historical event took place on that day to punctuate it from other days. Rather, the credit card corporation American Express […] View

Static Mixer “Elements or Augers?”

Of late, in trying to lay out what distinguishes a disposable static mixer from other engineered objects, some of us began to wonder how idiosyncratic an “element” is terminology-wise.  In other words, given that there are other people out there, and that other people use different words, what other terms do people use to refer […] View

Bell, or Bayonet Connection

In posts hitherto, recently, we’ve been doing two things. First off, begun was a series on disposable static mixers and art (more soon). Then, also started was a three part series on “what a disposable helical static mixer is,” which has to do with laminar rather than turbulent flow and cashes out in three tip […] View

Static Mixers outlets: Stepped, Tapered, or Luer Lock

In this last post on what resin mixing nozzles are, we spelled out the difference between laminar and turbulent flow. Static mixers of all sorts are known in the engineering world (a scary place, if you’ve ever been there) in terms of laminar flow, which, if we remember, is consistent throughout.  Turbulent is characterized by chaotic flow […] View

Static Mixer Manufacturer Consolidates Operations, Creates More Reno Jobs

RENO, NEVADA — BTmix, an engineering-based company that designs and manufactures disposable static mixers for adhesive applications, recently consolidated its corporate office and assembly facility in Reno. BTmix had previously contracted out assembly in Springfield, Missouri along with their assembly operations in Reno. The new corporate office is located in South Meadows at 770 Trademark […] View

What a Disposable Static Mixer “Is”: Laminar versus Turbulent Flow

Recently, a question was directed at us concerning a disposable static mixer’s exact nature, which is a question sometimes put to us in this way by our friends: “What do you again?” Although the business of manufacturing disposal static mixers is, to put it mildly, a small niche industry, it is an industry nonetheless; and […] View