Unfortunately nowadays, businesses that don’t actually manufacture in America try to turn a profit through deception, by luring their customers into thinking that their products are still “made in America.” What usually happens is businesses who are based in America position themselves as manufacturing in American, too–when they really outsource their production to places like China as soon as it becomes profitable for them to do so (and for some time it has been cheaper to manufacture there rather than here in America).

In a previous post, the reasons were mentioned why you ought to consider not buying disposable static mixers that are manufactured overseas, or why the cheap price tag you see when you begin to shop for outsourced helical motionless mixers is not what you pay for in the end. Let this post, however, be a reminder that not only is BTmix based in American but it also manufactures here.


That, my friends, is where we manufacture. And see the American flag? Can you imagine how much trouble it would have been, were we in China, to take down the Chinese flag and replace it with an American one? We would have gotten in big trouble… Luckily, we didn’t have to, since we make premium quality, plastic motionless mixers for a bargain deal, and we do it right here in Reno, Nevada.

How do we make ’em so cheap, you ask? Well, you’ll notice that there’s no flashy sports car out front in that picture–not yet anyways. If you want to find out just how much of a steal the inline static mixing nozzles are, you could call us or visit our website (to peruse our wide and impressive selection of resin mixers for a bargain price), or you could always drop by this building, too: if we’re in the shop, we’ll show you around!