Recently, BTmix’s own Paul Gossi was asked to write for Adhesives and Sealants Industry magazine. His article, “Disposable Static Mixers: A Maturing Industry,” launched on the magazine’s website in early June, and is available for you to read at your convenience.

In this article, he briefly outlines the history of the industry and details some of its newer developments, such as the static mixer’s evolution from an unforgiving metal composition to the mass-produced and commodified plastic form with which we are familiar today (see our post on “What’s Static about Static Mixers?“). Building off these insights, he suggests that the industry is in the midst of a transition, one that will force the static mixer community toward strategic innovation, elimination of “middlemen,” and online sales (e-commerce) both at home and abroad, to name just a few changes we can expect to see in the next five years or so. Of particular interest is his claim:

New entrants coming into the static mixer market include manufacturers from China, which unfortunately also are producing and selling patented products in the U.S. Prices from foreign manufacturers might be lower initially, but once shipping and tariffs are taken into account, the cost increases to near or above the current market clearing price. Successful strategies for U.S.-based entrants to the market could include increasing value in the static mixer market by going to market without distributors, focusing on the top-selling static mixers, running lean, and using e-commerce for sales.

If you have a minute, feel free to check out the article and log onto the magazine’s website (again: Adhesives and Sealants Industry) to leave us a comment or ask us a question. We’re proud to consider our president as himself at the forefront of the static mixer industry’s dynamic frontier, that is, as the industry settles into a more or less established market.

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