Imagine attending the coldest game in NFL history. The date is December 31, 1967. The 35th NFL championship marks the occasion. 50, 861 people line Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With wind-chill, the thermometer reads negative 46 degrees. No one bothers themselves with thoughts of mixing elements. Both fans and players alike suffer from frostbite.

What to non-sports fans must seem a descent into madness, sports fans show team loyalty by paining faces, waving foam fingers, and sitting motionless in formidable cold for hours on end. If that wasn’t enough to distinguish Packers fans from all other, however, consider this: the iconic Cheesehead® Hat, manufactured in Wisconsin by Foamation, Inc.

Besides their taste for cheddar, ever wonder who makes it possible for fans to look so sharp?

While formerly a way to disparage Wisconsites, the phrase “Cheesehead” spurred inventor and native Wisconsin resident, Ralph Bruno to fashion the first Cheesehead® Hat out of a sofa cushion. In that same good-humored spirit, Foamation Inc. (more popularly known as the Original Cheesehead™ Factory) both sells and manufactures a wide assortment of zany hats, apparel, and other cheese related merchandise. They’ve even engineered a gigantic Cheesehead® Hat for the top of a golf cart!

With decades of high quality, polyurethane foam molding experience, Foamation Inc. now moves to serious consumer and industrial products. Their newest products embed LED lights and Near Field Communication (“NFC”) devices in protective fabrics and polyurethane foam. To complete this process, they require a 3/8’’ mixing element, provided exclusively by us here at BTmix.

Foamation Inc. uses strictly two-part polyurethanes to make all their products, varying the chemistry and molding method to determine density, color, or tactile feel. They specialize in open-mold pouring, polyurethane foam spraying, and closed-mold injection for polyurethanes.

Though the temperate atmosphere of a sports bar proves more congenial to thoughts on mixing elements, we at BTmix salute both Wisconsin’s die-hard sports fans and the companies that help make that devotion more colorful.

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