IMG_0963RENO, NEVADA — BTmix, an engineering-based company that designs and manufactures disposable static mixers for adhesive applications, recently consolidated its corporate office and assembly facility in Reno.

BTmix had previously contracted out assembly in Springfield, Missouri along with their assembly operations in Reno. The new corporate office is located in South Meadows at 770 Trademark Drive.

“We realized the need to consolidate operations and bring everyone together in order to provide impeccable quality and to increase our efficiency, said Paul Gossi, president of BTmix. “The decision meant we were able to add more jobs in Reno and give our employees more advancement opportunities.”

BTmix’s business decision boosted its customer focused culture and streamlined its operations.

“I’m passionate about helping to revitalize U.S. manufacturing and Reno is the perfect place to grow my business,” Gossi said.

Static mixers come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on the material being mixed and how the material is being dispensed. Two of the most common dispensing methods used are a manually operated cartridge dispenser or a pneumatic meter mix machine. Static mixers provide a very efficient method of mixing two part adhesives. They are purposely chosen for their mixing ability depending on the viscosity and type of material used.

Static mixers are used in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, signage, electronics and almost anywhere that requires a permanent bond. One major growth area for adhesives is in structural bonding. In fact, there are many adhesive bonds stronger than welding.

About BTmix

BTmix is a privately-held, engineering-based company that designs, manufactures and markets low-cost, disposable static mixers for adhesive applications. Founded in 2000, BTmix has sold 38 million static mixers worldwide in the automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, signage and veterinary industries. The company markets its products through OEM (private-label), wholesale and retail channels. The BTmix corporate headquarters is located in Reno, Nevada at 770 Trademark Drive. For more information, contact Paul Gossi, President of BTmix at 775-870-7760, email or visit the BTmix website at