Had a lovely chat, today, with the folks at Nearly Me®: a corporation that specializes in manufacturing silicone and foam healthcare products for the post-mastectomy market. With regard to two-part adhesives‘ role in that market, they could not help but reflect on the amazing surgeries that those adhesives take part in, however indirectly, and the lives of all those women that they touch. 

Though it is difficult to keep up with all the new surgeries and techniques that appear annually, at Nearly Me®, they are certainly up to the challenge.  As advances in the medical field force businesses to adapt to those changes apace, it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement.  Though Nearly Me® doesn’t directly interact with patients per se, they do interact with the hospitals, pharmacies, boutiques, and mom-and-pop shops that make up a part of women’s daily life after a identity-altering experience: offering a slice of comfort, a token that not all is lost, at a particularly vulnerable time.

Static mixers for silicone mixing participate in the process of fashioning post-mastectomy products. At Nearly Me®, they use the BT MC 06-24 (manufactured and distributed by us at BTmix) on a dispensing machine to dispense multiple components (mixing silicone) at precise ratios, so much for each form according to type and size.

As Plato once said, necessity is the mother of invention. And in this context, “mother” rings familiar for those at Nearly Me®. Mixing two-part silicone aside, the matron of Nearly Me®, Ruth Handler, was herself a survivor of breast cancer. Finding the breast forms that were being offered both unrealistic and discomforting, she was spurred on by the experience to create a product that was physically attractive as well as emotionally supporting.

Nearly Me® discovered BTmix by searching on Ebay.com. Apparently, one of their vendors merged with another, and, in that process, decided no longer to stock the static mixer size they require for their particular two-part silicone mix.

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