Recently, a question was directed at us concerning a disposable static mixer’s exact nature, which is a question sometimes put to us in this way by our friends: “What do you again?” Although the business of manufacturing disposal static mixers is, to put it mildly, a small niche industry, it is an industry nonetheless; and if most folks don’t know what a disposable static mixer is or does, they are of course not alone.

It never hurts to recall these basic questions, however.

At BTmix, we manufacture disposable, helical static mixers. Unfortunately, here’s where it gets technical. Those plastic-looking dispensing thing direct what’s called “laminar flow,” which you have distinguish from “turbulent flow.” Our products fall within the former’s “regime”–in fact another term borrowed from hydrology that refers to a liquid’s “pattern” as it flows. If flow is laminar, then its path is smooth, or there isn’t any interference between opposing paths that cross and disrupt each other: thus making the fluid’s velocity constant throughout. Inversely, turbulent flow is irregular, creating eddies and whirlpools. Every point in the flow’s regime is as a consequence inconsistent with every other point.

Helical static mixers (or mixing nozzles) work well in laminar flow regimes, especially for viscous or molasses-like streams. Different flow streams are constantly divided and recombined therein, and, as a result, the epoxy mixing injector perfectly blends a variety of challenging flow conditions.


In addition to the posts on arts (expect two more), we’ll also discuss the ins and outs of the disposable static mixer. To get a better look, or to satisfy those inquisitive feelings you have about resin mixing nozzles, visit our website and discover what you might be saving by switching to BTmix: buy a motionless mixer today.