If you’re a consumer of disposable static mixers, a run-of-the-mill motionless mixing enthusiast, or just an old mixpac pack rat, the following dialogue has probably effervesed in your mind:

Golly gee. The only thing I love more than epoxy resin gun dispensers is, go figure, dispensing epoxy resin out of my epoxy gun. But I sure do wish that I could find meter mixers cheaper, and, when I do find ’em cheap, it’s as though they’re out of stock or generally unavailable. Furthermore, what if I need a custom mixtip designed and don’t have a lot to spend. Without someone to guide me through this two-part adhesive stretch of lonely desert that is the internet, surely I am lost…

Worry not, fellow wander. While BTmix can’t solve all of your problems (no, the lawn isn’t going to mow itself and, yes, the garage door is still broken), we can solve any and all of you helical static mixer problems this side of the impossible.


If you decide to buy your top of the line, plastic static mixers and elements from BTmix, expect

  • To increase your profit. Typically we sell about 25% lower than the competitors.
  • To get parts faster. Because we use vendor managed inventory, all of our parts are available at all times. What’s more, we ship 99% of all order in 24 hours. In other words, we build parts to inventory and not on order.
  • To be guaranteed lowest pricing. Just tell us your price and we will beat it by at least 10%.
  • No minimum purchase. We do not make you buy $75 worth of product when you only need $10 worth.
  • The option of customization. If you need a customized static mixer for a specialized medical application, a 3D printed one (for instance, one that is 3 and 5/8 inches long), or, say, green colored elements, we can do all of those things.

Perhaps there’s a problem not represented here, a problem that you’d like to see addressed. We’d love to hear your problem, and work toward solving it for you. Contact us, though, and we can discuss how to best help you get exactly what static mixer you need at exactly the price you want–and shipped when you want, too. Shoot us an email or call us today to talk premium quality mixing nozzles at a fraction of the price you’re paying now!