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BT RNLx9 Retaining Nut (7702598 Alternative)


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The BT RNLx9 Retaining Nut (7702598 Alternative) works with most 2k cartridges. This plastic, disposable retaining nut is internally threaded with 7/8×9 threads (coarse) and can be hand screwed onto BTmix, MedMix, and Nordson 2k cartridges to hold a static mixer in place. 

This retaining nut is ideal for use with 1/2″ ID (13mm) static mixers, however it will work with most mixers in low to medium pressure applications.

Part Number Inner Diameter
Works With Outer Diameter
Thread Type Material
BT RNLx9 0.67/17.01 2k cartridges with 7/8 x 9 threads (coarse) 1.18/30.00 1.02/25.88 7/8 x 9 (coarse) Polypropylene


  • Attach a static mixer to a 2k cartridge with 7/8 x 9 threads
  • Easy to grip and turn with external ridges
  • 0.67″/17.01mm ID at outlet can hold many sizes of mixer


  • Nordson 7702598
  • Medmix UM-10PP

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Half Box [1,000], Full Box [2,000]


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