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BT SH160632x9 (7701143 alternative)


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The BT SH160632x9 (7701143 alternative) safety shroud works with BT 160-632 (7700856 alternative) static mixers as a way to attach and utilize this static mix nozzle at high pressures on a meter, mix, dispense machine. This shroud is recommended for use at pressures above 150 PSI. 

This safety shroud is designed specifically for a BTmix 160-632, making it the best possible option for use with our mixers. This specific safety shroud has 7/8 x 9 threads, we also offer 7/8 x 14 upon request.

Part Number Inner Diameter
Works With Outer Diameter
Thread Type Metal
BT SH160632x9 0.387/9.84 BT 160-632 0.52/13.23 9.41/239.0 7/8 x 9 Aluminum


  • Designed for use with BT 160-632 static mixer
  • Aluminum construction, anodized
  • Works at pressures of 150PSI and greater
  • 7/8 x 9 thread

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One Shroud, Ten Pack


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