BT 160-818

3/8 inch X 18 elements

The BT 160-818 is a disposable static mixer with a standard bell mount cartridge attachment and a stepped mixing nozzle outlet.  

This plastic, disposable, motionless mixer has a bell housing or bell mount attachment and is used with 200, 400, and 600 cc cartridges or with meter mixer machines.  Inside the casing is an 18 section element that has a very tight fit which is designed to eliminate any bypass of the adhesive being mixed.  This static mixer works best with 1:1 and 2:1 mix ratios.  BTmix customers use this mixer for ensuring a complete mix with epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, and methyl methacrylates.  BTmix sells these motionless mixers for manufacturing assembly operations, carbon fiber meter mix machines, potting operations and concrete repair.


Part Number
BT 160-818
Inner Diameter(inch/mm)
Mixing Elements
Outer Diameter(inch/mm)
Nozzle Diameter
Outlet Style
Retained Volume(inch/mm)
Cartridge Sizetypical (ml)
200, 400, 600
Mix Ratio
1:1, 2:1


  • Designed for large volume dual adhesive cartridges
  • Bell Housing connection: 0.657 in. / 18.7
  • Mix ratios: Works best with 1:1 and 2:1
  • Retaining nut: 7/8-9 thread or 7/8-14 thread
  • Casing: Polypropylene
  • Element: High strength polyacetal


  • Nordson 7013510
  • TAH 160-818
  • Statomix MC 08-18
  • Brandywine MCH 08-18T
  • Sulzer MCH 08-18T
  • AP Plastics MC 08-18
  • AP Plastics MCH 08-18T