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Static Mixer Tubes

Disposable static mixer tubes are basically plastic nozzles with a mixing insert inside that are designed to promote fluid mixing. These motionless mixers ensure a quality mix of two part materials, typically adhesives, and precise dispensing. This allows less waste of material, which in turn allows you to save money on materials, labor, and production time.

Static Mixer Tubes
A few examples of disposable static mixer tubes by BTmix

Which Static Mixer Tubes to Choose

While selecting which static mixer tubes to use, the first question is how will you be dispensing the material. Are you using cartridges or a machine? Meter mix dispense machines are handy options when there is a need to mix large amounts of two part material.

Next, you need to consider the materials you are trying to mix. The viscosity and composition of the material play a large part in how many elements or sections the mixer will need. Some of the most commonly used materials include urethane, epoxy, and acrylic. The range of elements is different for different materials, it is about 8 to 20 elements for acrylic and about 15 to 24 elements for epoxy. The ratio of the materials is also a factor in the number of elements you’ll need in the mixer.

Flow rate is another factor to take into account. Do you need a low flow rate because you’re glazing at a slow speed or dispensing glue for a construction project? A faster flow rate might be needed for automated assembly, requiring a larger inner diameter on your mixer. BTmix offers a large line of mixers, and we can easily substitute our mixers for your existing Nordson, TAH, Sulzer, or other major brand mixer.

Static Mixer Tubes
Mixers range in size, shape, type of connector, and type of nozzle

Who to Buy From

There are various distributors of static mixer tubes, but only a few manufacturers in the US. When you need static mixers quickly and consistently, avoid importing and find a US manufacturer to ensure there are minimal delays. Here at BTmix, we manufacture our mixers in northern Nevada and ship worldwide, with a large focus on North America.

Helical Mixers
The BTmix founder, Paul Gossi, with the then Governor of Nevada, holding a BTmix mixer

When looking for a new static mixer ensure the connector, nozzle, and elements are correct. The connector – bell connection or bayonet – depends on what it’s attaching to.  You’re looking to balance the elements to where you have enough for a good mix, but not too many to cause waste. The nozzle can matter if you’re looking to attach a slip luer or luer lock later on. If you’re already using a mixer and are looking for a lower cost or more consistent supplier, contact us. If you provide part number of what you’re currently using and we can let you know what the substitute is.