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Working through Supply Chain Constraints

[ Our founder, Paul Gossi, with then-Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval ]

It’s common knowledge that the world is struggling with supply chain constraints across multiple industries at the moment. Microprocessors, raw materials, and everything in between have become harder to consistently acquire in a timely fashion. Onshoring manufacturing is a trend that COVID has accelerated as US ports back up and international partners work through labor shortages.

Manufacturing where your business is located helps eliminate many of the risks and issues associated with the current supply chain problems. Lead times decrease, variables in delivery reduce, and quality is often more tightly controlled when onshoring production. Here at BTmix, we’ve had a large increase in US manufacturers contacting us for disposable static mixers as their traditional offshore suppliers have struggled to meet demand and navigate the increasingly difficult logistical issues that have been arising.

As a US manufacturer of plastic, disposable static mixers, we offer high quality parts at very competitive prices. We ship our products from our factory in Carson City, Nevada. We deliver internationally, however the bulk of our business is domestic. If you need a high quality, competitively priced, reliable source of static mixers, please send us an email or give us a call.