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BT 085-324 (7700193 substitute)


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The BT 085-324 (Nordson 7700193 replacement) is a stainless steel pipe static mixer with disposable acetal mix elements. The threads are 3/8″ MNPT  on both ends, with one end featuring a stop to retain the mix elements. This stop is removable for easier cleaning, but will stay in place during use. 

This stainless motionless mixer threads into a machine or system with 3/8″ MNPT threads and is designed to be easily cleaned and the elements can be disposed of.  Inside the pipe is a 24 section element that has a tight fit which is designed to eliminate any bypass of the adhesive being mixed, but can be removed for replacement easily.  Replacement elements are readily available:

Part Number Inner Diameter
Mixing Elements Outer Diameter
Discharge Diameter Threads Pipe Material Mix Element Material Mix Ratio
BT 085-324 0.497/12.62 24 0.67/17.10 10.70/271.8 0.37/9.4 3/8″ MNPT Stainless Steel Acetal 1:1,2:1,4:1,10:1


  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • 3/8″ MNPT Threads on both ends
  • Removable, Disposable Acetal Elements
  • Integrated stop to retain elements in the discharge end


  • Nordson 7700193
  • TAH 085-324

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One Mixer, Box of 10


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