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BT 6MMLL Static Mixer Luer Adapter (LA 06-08 Alternative)


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The BT 6MMLL static mixer luer adapter works with 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm ID static mixers as a way to attach dispense needles to static mix nozzles. This luer adapter is internally threaded and can be hand screwed onto BTmix, MedMix, and Nordson static mix nozzles with a 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm ID. 

This luer adapter is ideal for use with robotic and manual applications, and is compatible with most safety shrouds. The BT 6MMLL can be removed and re-attached at will with very little effort.

Part Number Inner Diameter
Works With Outer Diameter
Thread Type Material
BT 6mm-LLS 0.18/4.57 BT MA 6.3-20-s, BT MC 06-24, BT 160-624, BT 160-632, and more 0.44/11.18 0.87/11.17 Luer Lock Standard Nylon


  • Designed for use with 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm ID static mixers from BTmix, MedMix, and Nordson with slip tips and stepped tips
  • Standard luer lock threading at discharge to attach a dispense needle
  • Static Mixer Luer Adapter can be hand screwed onto static mixers with very little effort
  • Works well in automated and manual applications

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Full Box (5,000), Half Box (2,500)


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