At BTmix, we’re not all just “mixtip this,” and “static mixer that”–not, that is, the boorish engineers you might take us to be at first. Those who peddle in the adhesives and injection molding industry are a plastic lot; and by “plastic” recall the word’s oft neglected sense, which usually trips people up on standardized tests: deriving from the Greek plastikos, meaning the ability to adapt or change. In other words, we’re plastic in the sense of packing tape and shipping costs “by day,” art aficionados “by night.” That said, though our dayjobs require us to conversate about the frightfully dull (about polypropylene pellets and two-part silicone mixes, for instance), and though others look at us with a bemused astonishment when we tell them that we’re in the disposable static mixer “biz,” that tedium has yet to deprive us of our taste for the “finer things,” things such as painting, the cinema, and photography. Over the next few posts or so, you’ll bear witness to our admittedly amateurish attempts to render artistically the mixing nozzel via the medium of photography–or, as we cycle through our camera’s gallery, whatever picture or pictures might invite a word or two of commentary on its formal or expressive qualities.

still life-mixtip-static-mixer-mixing-nozzle